Popsicle Stick Models

The SE Lounge, my favourite source of inspiration in 7/8″ scale, has traditionally done a yearly swap where people build a 7/8″ scale model and send it to another swapper. They in turn receive a model from yet another swapper. The swap give people a good opportunity to try new techniques as well as build camaraderie within the group.

For 2019, there is a proposal to do a swap but also to constrain it more than previous years: the bulk of the construction should be made from Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors and coffee stir sticks. The idea is that this would keep the costs to participate low. Now that I have a workshop, I decided to participate, should it go forward.

I am using this thread to capture ideas for swap items.

Idea 1 – Shipping Crate

This would be the simplest build. Shipping crates have been around for a long time and would be relatively straightforward to build. Labeling them is probably the way to personalize them for the swappee.

A simple wooden shipping crate.

Idea 2 – Covered Van

I’m not sure I’d swap this, but for my own purposes, converting an Acme Slate Slab Car into a covered van like those used on the Talyllyn Railway up to the 1940’s looks like a fun project.

Talyllyn Covered Van circa 1930

Idea 3 – Shelter Box

This would be the most complicated build. I don’t remember where I found the jpg of the drawing but as soon as I saw it, I squirreled it away. A simple shelter based on this English prototype could be purposed for many applications around a narrow gauge railway.

Line Drawing of MS&L Railway's Fogman's Permanent Shelter Box
Shelter Box Plan circa 1895

IDea 4 – B&SR Coal SHeds

A number of swappers model the Maine two-footers. A search around the Internet found some drawings for B&SR coal sheds which look rough enough for building with Popsicle sticks.

The downside is that they are large structures. I may have to selectively compress it for the swap.