Making a MQR Postcard

I had a lot of fun putting together this homage to the Penrhyn Quarry Railway.

It all started when I found an online scan of this old postcard while searching for images of the Penrhyn Quarry Railway:

I don’t have a good idea of when the post card was made, but I suspect it would be some time between 1910 and 1950.

I built the MQR version up in PowerPoint, using some photos I had of my Marchlyn rolling stock.


  • Penrhyn Railway Red: R:242, G:68, B: 79
  • Penrhyn Railway Dark Gray: R:83, G:78, B:78
  • Penrhyn Railway Green: R:151, G:211, B:183

The toughest part to recreate was the logo. In the end, I decided to just do a simple two-colour logo with just the Marchlyn Railway name.