Key Valley Railway: Locomotives

The best source of information concerning the KVR locomotives is the Industrial Locomotive roster in Colin Churcher’s Railway Pages. I’ve cross-referenced the locomotives listed in Churcher’s roster against photographs I’ve collected.

Engine #1 – Two Truck Shay

Engine #1 was a 30 ton Shay locomotive (Lima serial # 2679). The history of Engine #1 is summarized in the 1995 Canadian Trackside Guide. It was built in 1913 by Lima as the Dennis Canadian Lumber Co. #1 and apparently worked out of Whitney, Ontario. The Hope Lumber Co. purchased it next and used it until 1928 when it was purchased by the Key Valley Railway, probably to replace the locomotives the KVR lost in a roundhouse fire in 1928. The following photo shows #1 near Lost Channel.

KVR Shay

Here is another photo of what I believe is #1. The domes match with the first photo, but the stack has been replaced.

KVR Shay #1

The Key Valley used #1 until 1935 when it was sold to the Standard Chemical Co. of South River. The engine made several other stops until it arrived at the Komoko Railway Museum near London, Ontario. The Railway Museum website has a few photographs of the engine, like this one:

KVR Shay #1 at Komoka Railroad Museum

Engine #2 – Two Truck Shay

Built in 1910 as Lima serial #2386, this Shay was used by the KVR until it burnt in the roundhouse fire in 1928:

KVR Shay 2

Another photo of #2:

KVR Shay 2

Engine #4 – Two Truck Shay

Churcher’s database indicates that the KVR had three Shays in total. He lists this third Shay as having serial #1508 but this has not been confirmed. The following photograph from John Macfie’s collection shows two Shays and a rod engine in the background. Given that the only time the KVR had two Shays on the roster was before 1928, it is likely the photograph was taken then and that the Shays are engines #2 and #4. The rod engine is likely engine #50.

Key Valley Railway Tracks at the Lost Channel Sawmill

I finally found a picture of #4. Not a great one, especially because it’s on the left side of the engine (the non-interesting side):

KVR Shay 4

Engine #6 – 2-8-0 Baldwin

Engine #6 is a conventional rod locomotive using the 2-8-0 (Consolidated) wheel pattern. Churcher lists #6 as being built by Baldwin in 1904 as serial #24841. A photograph I have possession of dates the engine as in use in 1922; Churcher listed #6 as starting service on the KVR in 1922. It too was scrapped in 1928 after the same roundhouse fire that claimed #2. Here’s a photo of #6 from John Macfie’s collection:

KVR Engine No 6

Another photograph of #6 near Lost Channel:

KVR Engine

Engine #39 – 4-4-0 Rogers

Engine #39 is a conventional rod locomotive, though it is difficult to make out what type of pattern from the photograph. The photograph dates the engine as in use in 1922. Churcher lists #39 as 4-4-0 wheel pattern built by Rogers in 1883 as serial #3137. It arrived at the KVR in 1917 and like #2 and #6 burned in the roundhouse fire of 1928.

Engine #50 – 4-4-0 Manchester

Engine #50 is a conventional rod locomotive originally from the Grand Truck Railway. It appears on the roster in 1917 and was later scrapped. Here’s a photograph of #50, probably at Lost Channel:

KVR Engine No. 50

And another photo:

KVR Engine 50