Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area

I have started to visit the various conservation areas here in Central Elgin to better understand opportunities for photography. The one of the first was the Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area, just east of Sparta. It has several hiking trails throughout the property as well as a number of geocaches. I headed out one blustery afternoon and hiked a number of the trails there. At my furthest point north, I was hiking beside Catfish Creek and took the image above.

Camera: Sony DSC-RX100
Lens: Zeiss 18-100mm f/1.8-4.9
Focal Length: 33 mm
Exposure: 1/100 sec at f/11.0
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 640

While my focus for the day was hiking, I did take another photograph later in the day that I particularly liked. After post-processing it in Lightroom, I added it to my Landscape portfolio. It was yet another example that whatever camera you have with you is better than the camera you left at home.

Barry Cott Written by:

Barry is one of the two driving forces behind Station Studios. An avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast, when he's not traveling, he calls Port Stanley, Ontario home.