Gear: Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW Camera Backpack

When I first got back into photography in the late 1980’s, I used an early version of the the Lowepro Orion Daypack 200 Camera Backpack for my Nikon F601. I still have it today and still store my F601 equipment in it.

When I finally got a digital DLSR in 2007, I tried the Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW Camera Slingpack and found it to be a good comfortable small bag for a DSLR and a couple of backup media cards. But it was too small for an extra lens or a flash.

What I really wanted even at that time was something like the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW Camera Backpack. This backpack came out in early 2011 but I put off buying one until earlier this year. I’m now kicking myself for not getting it sooner.

The advantage of this bag is that the additional room in the top and side of the bag allow me to carry an additional lens and flash as well as travel documents and my iPad in a compact and comfortable package. For shooting during hiking and other outdoor activities, the Photo Sport is a comfortable bag to work out of and has plenty of room for water, snacks and an extra coat.

I even found it possible on my recent business trips to Chester and Paris to carry my work computer and accessories in it. This allowed me to take my Nikon D7000 along which I had not been able to do before. I must point out that I could only do this after downsizing my work computer from a 15″ display to a 13″ display and putting it in a Targus foam laptop protector sleeve. The full height hydration pocket can double as a storage area for a small pile of A4 papers and there is room to stuff various cords and chargers in the main compartment.

If you are looking for a good camera bag for hiking, trail running and mountain biking or for a camera bag for short trips, I can highly recommend this backpack.

Barry Cott Written by:

Barry is one of the two driving forces behind Station Studios. An avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast, when he's not traveling, he calls Port Stanley, Ontario home.