Station Studios features the photography of Robin Margaret and Barry Cott. We’re a couple of Canadians who, up until recently, have been living the expat life. We’ve lived in such places as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Katy in Texas (a western suburb of Houston) and Calgary in Alberta. As of April 2017, we’ve returned to Canada and our home base is the small town of Port Stanley, Ontario on the north shore of Lake Erie.

“Like all great travelers, we have seen more than we remember, and remember more than we have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli

From the beginning, we have been pretty rabid travelers and we’ve tried to see and photograph as much of the world as we can. Our nine years in Amsterdam gave us a great opportunity to see a lot of Europe. We’ve been as far north as Norway, as south as Spain, as west as Portugal and as east as Hungary in our travels.

We also enjoy getting outdoors and are avid cyclists and hikers.

While it is likely that Station Studios will stay a part-time pursuit for the foreseeable future, we welcome interest in our photography and would be happy to discuss the use of our photographs for commercial purposes. Please contact us directly.

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