Adventure Plans for 2018

Life has a funny way of making things you write on blogs meaningless over a period of time. Take my post from last year “Hello Port Stanley“; I stated that I would be retired by July.  Well, things didn’t play out that way, and just before Christmas, I agreed to take a new role in the company rather than retiring. The upside is that I will do the role from our place in Port Stanley rather than having to move out west. The downside is that I’m back to a normal set of holidays.

With that in mind, here are the trips I’m planning on making in 2018. You can be assured that all trips will be documented in photos and video.

Canoeing Trip: Quetico Provincial Park

Almost three decades ago, I and a group of work colleagues would do long-weekend canoe trips together. We covered a fair number of the canoe routes in both Algonquin and Killarney Provincial Parks; the lead photo is from one of our trips to Killarney.

Now in 2018, a few of the gang are starting to retire and, to celebrate, are planning a bigger canoeing trip to Quetico Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario. The plan is to spend about 7 days canoeing; add in the travel time to get to Quetico and this looks to be a two-week trip. 

It will be good to get back to canoeing; the last trip I did a canoe trip of any length was in 2010 when my step-brother Pat, his nephew Ryan and I did a short trip to Killarney on Johnnie and Bell Lakes.

Bike Tour Trip: Brantford to Port Stanley

Although we talked about for 2017, my stepson-in-law, Konrad and I want to do a short bike touring between their place in Brantford and our place in Port Stanley. It would be a two-day-one-night trip, camping at either Long Point or Turkey Point.

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Barry is one of the driving forces behind Station Studios. An avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast, when he's not traveling, he calls Port Stanley, Ontario home.