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One thing I was looking forward to on my Christmas holiday this year was the opportunity to work on my photography. And just outside our front door I had a good subject to shoot: Port Stanley Beach. What I ended up with was two very different days to photograph the same subject.

On December 21, I went out shooting with my son-in-law, Konrad, on a relatively mild day with very heavy clouds and a good stiff breeze. The beach looked very wintery but it was actually quite comfortable out. The photograph above was taken late in the afternoon when the solid bank of clouds broke up for a short period of time. The fishing boat and its attendant seagulls arrived back in the harbour at precisely the right moment.

Setting Sun on Port Stanley Beach

Setting Sun on Port Stanley Beach

A week later I went out late in the afternoon on a day that was much colder (-10 degrees C) but the sun was out. In the pictures, you can still tell it’s winter time but everything this time was bathed in beautiful gold light which makes it looks much warmer than it was. This time I could only stand to be outside for about 30 minutes before I had to go in and warm up.

Same beach; two different days; two different results.