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Robin surprised me for my birthday by booking a hotel on Texel for a three-day-two-night weekend cycling getaway. We did the trip solely on three types of transport:

  1. The Dutch train system (Amsterdam Centraal to Den Helder and return).
  2. The TESO Ferry (Den Helder to Texel and return).
  3. Our own bikes for everything else.

Both Robin and I found the cycling great on Texel: great cycle paths, lots of interesting geography and human history and many options for drink and food.

Breaking our trip down, on our first day, we did a straightforward cycle from the TESO Ferry dock to our hotel in De Koog. We followed the cycle path along the main road; it made for a quick if not spectacular ride.


Cycle: Texel Day 1
Distance: 12.1 km

On our second day, we did a long loop around the north end of the island.  Highlights included de Slufter, the Eierland Lighthouse, the Waddenzee and the port town of Oudeschild. We had a perfect day for cycling, wind at our backs for most of the day.


Cycle: Texel Day 2
Distance: 44.0 km

On Day 3, we returned to the ferry along the west side of the island. Highlights here included the Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel, Den Hoorn and the view over the Mokbaai.


Cycle: Texel Day 3
Distance: 14.4 km

As you can see from the photo of Robin above, we had a great time and we would highly recommend Texel to anyone looking for a short cycling trip.