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One Photo – Port Stanley

Robin and I spent a quick week back in Canada starting on the Labour Day weekend. On one of the mornings we spent in Port Stanley, I got up early and went for a walk on the new western breakwater and watched the sun come up. The photo above captured the mood well, with the sun breaking out over the bank of early morning clouds.

Camera: Sony DSC-RX100
Lens: Zeiss 18-100mm f/1.8-4.9
Focal Length: 37.1 mm
Exposure: 1/125 sec at f/11
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 200

Travelogue: Whistler

Every now and then, I am fortunate to receive an invitation to speak at a professional conference in my area of specialization, process control. With the 2015 edition of the ADCHEM conference being held in Whistler BC, I was very honored to be asked to deliver the first plenary presentation of the conference.

I flew on a Saturday from Amsterdam to Vancouver and then completed the trip via the Pacific Coach bus to Whistler. The official conference hotel was the Pan Pacific Whistler Mountainside which more than met my needs over the next few days.

With all of the travel I had done to get there, I went to bed early on the Saturday night, but was wide awake when the sun came up at 4:45 am PST. With not a cloud in the sky, I jumped at the opportunity to do a good trail run. I had done a bit of pre-reading before the trip so I knew about the Whistler Valley Trail system and planned my run to head out towards Lost Lake and the cross-country trails there that serve as trail runs in the summer. Having the trails all to myself on such a beautiful morning, at each trail junction, I found myself choosing to keep going further away from the village and take in the mountain scenery. In the end, a 5 km run turned into a 11 km one but I was all done before 7:30 am. I took the opportunity to do several more runs out and back to Lost Lake over the next few days and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I was also very impressed with Whistler itself, with summer activities in full swing on the first weekend of June. There were plenty of good places to eat and shop and the design of pedestrian areas of the village created a very European feel. The photo above shows one of the pedestrian-only public spaces within the village. I did want to give a shout out to Moguls Coffee House, which was one of the few places open for breakfast and coffee for someone like myself trying to stay close to European time. Good coffee and breakfast bagels/muffins.

Whistler is definitely a place I’d like to return to with more time to hike and mountain bike, although I’d stick to the cross-country mountain bike trail rather doing the downhill mountain biking it seemed everyone was doing.

Summer is Over

We were back to Port Stanley for Christmas and New Years once again this year and I had several opportunities to take photo walks through the town.

This photo came from one of the pre-Christmas walks I did. It was a little chilly on the beach (-4 degrees C) but the clouds were some of the best I saw during this visit. Port Stanley’s west breakwater can be a challenging thing to photograph but I got fortunate with the light and clouds at the end of the day.

I hope you all had a great holiday season. I’m looking forward to more travel and more photography in 2015.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX with a Hoya ND8 Neutral Density Filter
Focal Length: 35 mm
Exposure: 8 sec sec at f/16
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 100


A recent business trip took me to Washington DC for four days in October. It was the first time I was in Washington since a high school music band exchange trip back in 1979. My meetings were actually in Arlington, VA so I did not have a lot of time for sightseeing but I did get up early one day and walked along the National Mall. Near the Washington Monument, I looked back towards the US Capital and took this picture.

I also got to walk through the historical Georgetown district one evening and had an interesting dinner at the Italian restaurant Filomena.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6
Focal Length: 200 mm
Exposure: 1/125 sec at f/8.0
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 1600

Harris Lake Just Before Sunrise

We were back in Ontario for a short visit, centered around Robin’s parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. We also got an opportunity to visit my stepmother at our family cottage on Harris Lake just outside Parry Sound. Given that I had been changing time zones like crazy over the past five weeks (Kuala Lumpur, Houston, Amsterdam and now Ontario), I was awake before the sun came up and grabbed my camera. I’ve taken a lot of photos of this little island over the years but always had issues separating it from the larger island behind it. This particular morning, the temperature difference between the air and the water created this beautiful mist that created the needed separation. For me, the lone tall tree on the island particularly evokes the landscape of the Canadian Shield perfectly.

A great example of being at the right place at the right time.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6G DX ED VR
Focal Length: 18 mm
Exposure: 1/60 sec at f/13
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 800

Photo Set: Port Stanley in Winter

Visit the photo set Port Stanley in Winter on Flickr.

I’m just now back in Amsterdam after a couple of weeks in Ontario. I only did one day of outdoor shooting this year but spent several hours on indoor portrait sessions with the family.

The photo above is one of my favourites from the outdoor shoot. I like the way the harbour buildings are reflected in the office window. I shot this one on my D7000 with my 10-24 mm zoom at 10 mm on aperture priority, f22, 1/40 second and ISO 640. Post processing in Lightroom included a basic lens correction, the application of Matt Kloskowski’s Surreal Edgy preset, applying a brush correction on the reflection in the window (saturation and clarity increased) and finally a vignette.